The Year 1994 marks the 200th anniversary of the College of Engineering, Guindy, Madras. Started as a Survey School in 1794, it was established as a College in 1859, and later as a technical University in 1978. The college has a long history and is one of the oldest Engineering Colleges in the country.

This institution of standing has the unique distinction of having introduced B.E. Degree Courses in Mechanical Engineering in 1894, Electrical Engineering in 1930, Telecommunication and Highway Engineering in 1945 and Printing Technology in 1983. It was the first institution in South India to establish a Computer Centre as early as 1963.

The College has diversified its academic, research and consultancy activities to meet the socioeconomic and technological needs of the time. It has established its own Industry-Institute link with prestigious universities and organisations, such as, USAID, UNCHS, Ford Foundation, European Economic Community and the Governments of Germany and UK

The growth of this institution of learning is reflected in the expansion of its library and facilities. With a collection of 90,000 volumes and subscription to 500 journals the library is a veritable storehouse of knowledge for the 3,200 students on the rolls of the College.

The Department of Posts is privileged to bring out a postage stamp to commemorate the bicentenary of this institution of academic excellence. The design of the stamp depicts the building where the college has been functioning since 1920.


Stamp design, Cancellation, First day cover, Text source: College of Engineering Guindy, Madras

 Date of Issue: 19.12.1994