S.K.C.G. College, paralakhemundi 

The S.K.C.G. College, as it is at present, has grown out of a primary grade school established in 1857. lt was the result of local effort and was originally supported for some years from local subscriptions. After a time the Court of Wards on behalf of the Raja of Paralakhemundi made a monthly grant towards its upkeep. In 1878, it became a Middle School, in 1884 a High School and in 1896 it was raised to a Second Grade college affiliated to the Madras University. It acquired the status of a First Grade college in 1936 in commemoration of the conferment of the title of Maharaja on the Raja Saheb of Paralakhemundi. With the establishment of the Andhra University it became affiliated to it. Its Management was taken over by the State Government in 1947 and Post Graduate classes were opened in 1980. It was one of the five affiliated colleges with which the Utkal University was established in 1943. It is now a premier college affiliated to the Berhampur University imparting instruction at the Higher Secondary, Degree and Post Graduate levels. It enjoys the distinction of being the third oldest college in the State of Orissa and the only degree/P.G. college in the district of Gajapati, Orissa.

During the hundred years of its existence this institution has been a vital factor in the growth of higher education in the State and has successfully produced intellectuals, administrators, politicians, social workers and professionals who have made their mark within the country and abroad.

The growth of this institution from its small beginning and its subsequent success are a fitting tribute to the visionary zeal and concern for education of the people of the principality who supported it in its initial years, through local subscription.

The Department of Post feels happy to issue a commemorative postage stamp to mark the centenary celebrations.


Text : Principal, SKCG College, Design of Stamp: C.S.P.Kanpur, FDC: Sankha Samantha, Cancellation : Smt Alka Sharma

Date of Issue: 25.5.1996