Government Mohindra College, Patiala

Mohindra College, Patiala, owes its existence to the munificence and philanthropic zeal of the late Maharaja Mohinder Singh, who ascended the throne of Patiala at the tender age of ten and left his impression on the educational life of the state by creating this institution during his short life span. Lord Northbrook, the then Viceroy of India, laid the foundation stone of the college on 30th March 1875. Its foundation was laid in accordance with the Hindu custom of placing an image of Shesh Nag at the base to propitiate the deity and the European custom of placing some coins in the foundation was also observed. The institution has played a stellar role in shaping the destinies of its countless alumni for well over a century.

At the time of its inception, it was the only institution of its kind in the area stretching from Lahore to Delhi. On 17th March 1884, Lord Ripon, Viceroy of India, performed the opening ceremony of the college. In his inaugural address he hailed it as a ‘magnificent architectural monument’ and complimented Maharaja Mohinder Singh who had spent a princely sum on its construction.

Apart from its architectural grandeur, the college attracted students from far and wide and occupied a place of eminence in the educational landscape of the country. The gift of free education to all and the tradition of secular education made it very popular with all sections of society, and eminent scholars drawn from all disciplines gave it the prestige and popularity, which it still enjoys. Though initially it was intended to impart instruction in Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic, the teaching of English and Mathematics was added shortly afterwards and the college was affiliated to Calcutta University.

In 1880, Intermediate classes were started and in 1887 the college included graduate humanities courses of Punjab University. Post graduation in Mathematics was started in 1912 and in the same year the first meeting of the Old Students’ Association was held under the chairmanship of Principal E.Candler. The B.Sc. classes were started in 1920 and in 1922 Post graduation in Philosophy was introduced.

The credit of publishing the first college magazine ‘The Mahendra’ and staging Shakespearian plays goes to Prof. K.K. Mukherjee in the 1920's.

The college was affiliated to Punjab University in 1962.

At present, the college imparts instruction in Postgraduate and Honours School Courses in English, Economics, History and Pol. Science, besides the undergraduate courses in Science and Arts.

It deserves mention that Justice R. S. Sarkaria and Shri Jagan Nath Kaushal are among the illustrious alumni of the college.

Eminent educationists like E. Candler, (Sadhu) T.L. Vasvani, Dr. G.L. Bakshi, Dr. Bhagat Singh, S.Gursewak Singh, S. Harbaksh Singh & Dr. Joginder Singh have been Principals of this institution.

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Date of Issue: 14.3.1988