Arun Kamal

(Born 1954)

Sahitya Academy Award - 1998 - Hindi



Born in Nasariganj, Rohtas (Bihar) in 1954, Arun Kamal has a Master's in English and is a lecturer in English. He has three collections of poetry in Hindi, Apni Keval dhar (1980), Saboot (1989) Naye Ilake Mein (1996) and Kavita Aur Samay collection of critical essays, Voices a collection of contemporary Indian Poetry in English translation, To Hu's Poetry (translation in Hindi) and Mayakovsky's Autobiography (translation in Hindi) to his credit. He is the recipient of Bharat Bhushan Agarwal Poetry Award (1980), Soviet Land Nehru Award (1990), Shrikant Varma Smriti Award (1991), Raghuvir Sahay Smriti Pursakar (1996) and Shamsher Samman (1997).

Naye Ilake Mein, the award-winning collection of poems is noted for its richness of experience and artistic elegance. On the, level of language, the work touches upon various realms of moods in the life of the people. Through the mixed employment of free verse and traditional metres he has accomplished a rare kind of poetic craft. Keeping a balance between reality and imagination, he has expanded the boundaries of contemporary Hindi poetry. For these reasons, the work is considered an invaluable contribution to Indian poetry in Hindi.